Would you like to learn to play the Native American Flute? It is not difficult to learn or play. You don't need prior musical experience, or to be able to read music to play the NAF. I promise to provide a non-threatening learning experience. And "Patience" is my middle name...yes, my mother actually named me "Thomas Patience Yates"...Ok, NO, she didn't. But I want you to feel at ease during lessons.

If you live in Iowa City or surrounding areas, and would like a lesson, give me a call at 319-321-1844, or send me an email at yates.flutes@yahoo.com.

NEED a flute? I have a number of new Butch Hall cedar flutes for use/sale in lessons. These are quality instruments for an extremely reasonable price. I will use one of these flutes myself for the lessons.

We can work out the where/when for lessons. If the weather is nice, we can even play outside! (Maybe the gnats will be gone soon...)


$25 for a 30-minute lesson, if you already own a flute and want to play it in the lesson. OR, buy one of the Butch Hall flutes for $40 (minus tax), and get this lesson rate.

$30 for a 30-minute lesson, if you play one of mine. AND, if you sign up for eight lessons, at the end of the eighth you can KEEP THE FLUTE! How about that?! True, you will have to sign a contract of sorts so that you don't run off with my flute and disappear after the first lesson (or let your dog chew on it or something...). But, if after the first lesson you want to buy the flute, you will get the $25 rate after that, or any time after you buy the flute.

Payment for lessons will be due at the time of the lesson.

Feel free to ask questions. Just contact me using the above info.